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June 2015 | Issue #2

Dear reader,

Welcome to the second edition of the Water PiPP newsletter!

The Water PiPP project is in full swing now and we are delighted to share our progress with you. We are particularly excited for the Call for Interest, which we launched this month. We are looking forward to supporting public authorities, water utilities and procurement agencies interested in procuring innovative solutions in the water sector very soon.

Happy reading,

Your Water PiPP team

Contact: contact@waterpipp.eu

1 | New set of Water PiPP recommendations available

2 | Join the Water Innovation Procurement Group!

3 | Improving water sector sustainability through public procurement

4 | Water Innovation Europe 2015

5 | New Call for Interest

6 | Upcoming Events

1 | New set of Water PiPP recommendations available

A list of 15 strategic and operational recommendations to foster the modernisation of water services and technologies through public innovation procurement has been agreed at a ‘Consensus Workshop’ organised in the context of the Water PiPP project in Brussels, Belgium, on 25 March 2015.

While the strategic recommendations will mainly be shared with policy-makers, including the European Commission, the operational ones will be further validated, amongst others, through the project’s upcoming pilot activities (see article New Call for Interest).

The workshop was held at the permanent representation of the Lombardy Region in Brussels. It convened representatives of five groups of stakeholders – local governments, regional authorities, businesses, public operators and water authorities – as well as project partners and members of the project’s Liaison Committee, which is composed of key actors in public procurement in Europe.

The recommendations are available through OIEau by writing to contact@waterpipp.eu

2 | Join the Water Innovation Procurement Group!

Water PiPP established a new virtual meeting space for procurers, suppliers and experts – the Water Innovation Procurement (WIP) Group – in order to foster their exchange of knowledge and experience on the procurement of innovative water services and technologies.

Participants in this group will benefit from having access to first-hand expertise in the field and will be kept up-to-date with the latest trends in innovation procurement and pre-commercial procurement in the water sector. The WIP Group will also allow group members to be informed regularly about new online training opportunities, webinars, and guidance materials developed and offered by Water PiPP or other institutions working in the field.

The WIP Group can be found on the Procurement Forum. Simply register for the Forum online and select the WIP Group there.

3 | Improving water sector sustainability through public procurement – Interviewing Pieter de Jong

Pieter de Jong, EU Liaison Officer for Wetsus and Water Campus Leeuwarden gave an interview for the June 2015 Green Public Procurement (GPP) News Alert of the European Commission, in which he talked about improving the water sector’s sustainability through public procurement.

Mr de Jong spoke about the FINNOWATER Action Group, which looks into, develops and implements new approaches to increase financial flows in the water and water-related sectors. FINNOWATER sees a particular potential for this in Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) as well as the Public Procurement of Innovative Solutions (PPI). He also explained the main bottlenecks and barriers that companies in the water sector face in offering more eco-innovative services.

Mr de Jong emphasised that if “more innovative and low environmental impact solutions were procured and public authorities allowed these innovative solutions to be tested in real life situations, we could see an increase in eco-innovation in the water sector. The Water PiPP project is offering its services to procurers who wish to do this but perhaps don’t have the formal skills or training.”

He also pointed out the Call for Interest published by Water PiPP. With this Call for Interest, Water PiPP “hopes to go beyond networking, [by] addressing barriers to innovation in the water sector and building an operational collaborative platform where a critical mass of stakeholders can explore and test innovation procurement methodologies in the water sector”.

To read the whole interview, please click here.

Photo: Courtesy of Pieter de Jong

4 | Water Innovation Europe 2015 - The role of water in the circular economy

Water Innovation Europe (WIE) 2015, WssTP’s annual stakeholder conference, is less than a week away. WIE 2015 will take place from 24 to 26 June 2015 at the Diamant Centre in Brussels and will focus on ‘The role of water in the circular economy’.

The conference will feature more than 30 top-notch speakers from EU institutions as well as leading companies in the water sector. Its sessions will revolve around the thematic areas of industry, agriculture, cities and market opportunities outside Europe.

In addition, a range of European Commission-financed 7th Framework Programme and Horizon 2020 projects will be present to demonstrate how their results can offer concrete solutions to solve societal and other challenges related to water.

At WIE 2015, WssTP will also host the second edition of the prestigious WssTP SME Awards, which give all SMEs with innovative breakthrough solutions in Europe the opportunity to showcase their work. The awards ceremony will be held during the conference dinner on 25 June 2015.

WIE 2015 is expected to welcome more than 200 participants, bringing together all the aspects of the water sector and providing an open and dynamic platform to discuss, network and shape the future of the European water sector.  Members of the Water PiPP project consortium will also be present and are looking forward to contributing their expertise to the manifold discussions expected at the event.

To check out the programme of the conference, please click here.

To register, please follow this link.

5 | New Call for Interest: Assistance for Preparing Innovation Procurement in the Water Sector

Water PiPP has issued a Call for Interest, offering assistance to public authorities, water utilities and procurement agencies interested in procuring innovative solutions in the field of water services or technologies. The call is targeted at public procurers who intend to prepare or launch a respective innovation procurement initiative between September 2015 and December 2016.

Water PiPP will offer the selected applicants support for relevant procurement procedures such as: innovation needs identification, prioritisation and description; market scans; open market consultation and early engagement; assessment of procurement concept viability; resource planning and innovation procurement design; and joint procurement initiatives.

Deadline for applications: 31 August 2015

Interested parties are invited to apply by sending their completed application form to call@waterpipp.eu

For more information, please visit the WaterPiPP website.

6 | Upcoming Events

24-26 June 2015

Water Innovation Europe 2015

6 July 2015

Building Bridges to Business: What Makes a Successful Knowledge Alliances Bid

10 July 2015

APE Seminar "Water and Earth: a Shared Future"

21 September 2015

EcoHydrology 2015 Conference

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