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December 2015 | Issue #3

Dear reader,

Welcome to the third edition of the Water PiPP newsletter!

The Water PiPP project has progressed quickly over the last six months. We are happy to inform you that five front-runner projects have been selected from the applications submitted in response to the Water PiPP Call of Interest on the ‘Assistance for Preparing Innovation Procurement in the Water Sector’.

In this edition you will find out what these selected projects are all about. You will also get to know about Water PiPP’s activities in a number of European events and conferences on innovation procurement in the water sector.

Happy reading and season's greetings,

Your Water PiPP team

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1 | Public authorities investigate water innovation procurement

2 | WssTP Brokerage and Working Group event 2015 hailed a success

3 | EIP Conference 2016 looks into water innovation in Europe

4 | Join the Water Innovation Procurement (WIP) Group!

5 | Upcoming Events

1 | Public authorities from Italy and Finland investigate innovation procurement in the water sector

With a kick-off meeting in Paris on 21 November 2015, four public authorities from Finland and Italy have set out on a journey to explore the opportunities of (joint and collaborative) innovation procurement to address some of the procurement challenges they have been grappling with in the past few years.

The four institutions that were selected by the Water PiPP evaluation team after an open call issued in June and which will benefit from the project’s assistance are:

While familiarizing themselves with the ways and means of entering into a process of public procurement of innovation (PPI) or pre-commercial procurement (PCP), each of these institutions is keen on advancing their water services in different fields:

Helsinki Region Environmental Services would like to optimize efficiencies in its water network system by developing a tailored software tool that monitors – amongst others - the energy use in the water distribution and wastewater collection performs early leak detection, allows for an optimal refurbishment of the network and thus improves its overall capacity. This tool would help HSE to analyze the data from the water distribution and sewage system and translate it into key performance indicators.

CAP Holding is looking for an innovative technology to reduce the disposal of sludge while allowing to enhance the recovery of energy and raw materials that could be sold for use in industrial and other relevant processes. This could be realized, for example, through a thermal process following the more conventional waste water treatment processes.

Puglia Region has one of the biggest water supply networks in Europe and is in need of an analysis and decision support tool that can facilitate the planning and management of water resources in complex situations by integrating data from a large variety of different sources.

Viveracqua Scarl has the ambition to embark on two projects simultaneously: With the first project they intend to bring together several procurers in the water sector to carry out a joint Pre-commercial Procurement to set up an open platform for managing smart metering data collection and evaluation. The second project aims at developing new tools and systems to optimize the management of the waste water collection system and the treatment of waste water.

Photo: Courtesy of Office International de l'Eau

2 | WssTP Brokerage and Working Group event 2015 hailed a success

The Water supply and sanitation Technology Platform (WssTP) is one of the Water PiPP partners. Initiated by the European Commission more than ten years ago to promote coordination and collaboration of Research and Technology Development in the water industry, WssTP has a major role in Water PiPP for making the project’s outcomes widely known among relevant European stakeholders and – vice versa – to feed the needs, opinions and ambitions of these back into Water PiPP.

The last WssTP annual Brokerage and Working Group event 2015 was held on 23 and 24 November 2015 at the Diamant Conference Centre in Brussels, Belgium, and was the perfect opportunity to take this endeavour further.

The first day of the event featured an excellent line-up of speakers from the European Commission and other leading water organisations who gave a thorough analysis of the opportunities for water in the 2016/17 working programme of the current EU Research and Innovation programme Horizon 2020. WssTP presented an overview of the 92 calls which have a potential link to water.

Participants had the opportunity to present their project ideas and proceed to more in-depth and interactive discussions during a match-making session. Representatives from ongoing projects, such as WaterPiPP, also presented why they believe their proposals were successful and shared tips and ideas with the audience.

The second day of the event, WssTP Working Groups were in the limelight, presenting their latest advances, current activities and future plans.  Once again, the WssTP Brokerage and Working Group provided participants with an excellent platform to interact, gain key insights and create bridges to accomplish their future projects.

WssTP is now moving ahead with the preparations for its annual stakeholders’ conference ‘Water Innovation Europe 2016’, scheduled to take place from the 21 to 23 June 2016 in Brussels, Belgium.

To watch the highlights from WssTP Brokerage and WG event 2015 please click here.

Photo: Courtesy of WssTP

3 | European Innovation Partnership Water Conference 2016 looks into how water innovation is succeeding in Europe

Water PiPP has developed close links with the European Innovation Partnership on Water (EIP Water), in particular with the FinnoWater Action Group that actively promotes Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) and the Public Procurement of Innovative Solutions (PPI) to foster the uptake of innovative products, tools and services in the water sector.

The upcoming 3rd EIP Water Conference is taking place in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands, on 10 February 2016. It will provide another platform for Water PiPP partners to disseminate the latest project findings and engage with water innovation specialists from all across Europe.

The conference is themed 'How is water innovation succeeding in Europe' and will foster innovation in the European water sector by showcasing the experience of innovators and the lessons they have learned. The conference will showcase inspiring ideas and projects, discuss a variety of common and conflicting viewpoints about appropriate approaches to innovation, and help nurture and establish partnerships. Participants will learn how the European Commission and EIP Water are working to overcome the established five key barriers and bottlenecks to innovation in water in Europe, and they will gain insights on regulation, financing and public-private partnerships.

The EIP Water Conference will be accompanied by a number of side meetings as well as site visits on 9 and 11 February 2016. Conference participants will get to learn about Leeuwarden’s plans and projects, attend site visits in the north of the Netherlands, and be able to participate in a series of side meetings before and after the event.

The 2016 EIP Water Conference is free of charge but registration is required. Please find the preliminary agenda of the event here.

On the 11 February, there will also be a "Mayors and Water" event for which you can register here.

 Photo: © Markus Spiske | unsplash

4 | Join the Water Innovation Procurement (WIP) Group!

Don't miss the chance to network with fellow professionals!

The WIP group is an online forum set up and coordinated by WaterPiPP. It provides public procurers, entrepreneurs and other experts working on or interested in developing innovative water services and technologies the opportunity to discuss a broad range of issues related to innovative procurement in the water sector.

Join the group by registering online on the www.procurement-forum.eu website!

5 | Upcoming Events

10 February 2016
EIP Water Conference 2016
Leeuwarden, The Netherlands

29 February 2016
3rd EU Resource Efficiency Coordination Action Workshop 'Innovation Procurement for Sustainable Data Centre Products and Services'
Turin, Italy

2-3 March 2016
Urban Future Global Conference
Graz, Austria

27-29 April 2016
8th European Conference on Sustainable Cities & Towns
Bilbao, Spain

13-16 June 2016
IWA Leading Edge Conference on Water and Wastewater Technologies
Jerez da la Frontera, Spain

21-23 June 2016
Water Innovation Europe 2016
Brussels, Belgium

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